I just completed the score to Wrong Side Up, a short film directed by Henry McComas.

A coming of age story about a twelve-year-old boy whose fate is determined by his father’s departure and the impending Dust Bowl as he is forced to care for his family and their farm.

We recorded live banjo, fiddle, pedal steel, harmonica, electric guitar and bass, in addition to the computer-based score and it sounds amazing!  Many thanks to everyone involved – check out www.dustbowlmovie.com to see more and get updates about the release and screening dates.


See the IMDB page here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3202478

Portico Club licensed another track from the Cue music library.  This one, “The Falls”, from A Thousand Shards of Sun, was used for a residence video in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Check it out on the Video page!

Read this amazing review of a film I helped score with a good friend, Josh Myers.

It just played the Dallas International Film Festival, and will be playing in London next month.  You should try everything in your power to see this film. It’s a lot more than just a cool documentary (read the review).  Oh, and Forest Whitaker is the narrator.